Lazer Z1 bike helmet review

A simple approach to going aero which works well

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Lazer Z1 bike helmet review


Lazer has taken the simple approach to constructing an aero lid by making a shell to fit over the top of its 280g Z1 helmet.

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On hot days, or days when you’re not watching the clock, you just pop the shell off and you have a normal road helmet. 

Without the shell, it’s a lightly padded but well fitting and secure lid; with the shell, all that changes is the air passes easier and your head gets a little warmer. It’s a simple solution but it seems to work.

Lazer Z1 bike helmet from rear

But it’s not without niggles. The first is that it needs more padding. The second is that when it’s upturned after a ride, all your sweat pools in the shell and then drips out down your leg when you next pick it up. 

Verdict: A well-fitting, secure lid for fast days that can be easily adapted for hot days, 89%


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