Review: Shimano Dura Ace C75 race wheels

With their recent price drop, it's definitely worth considering these if you want to ride tubs

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Shimano Dura Ace C75 race wheels

Now that they’ve been out for over a year, you can get Shimano’s flagship tubular wheelset for just under two grand – a positive snip compared to their original £2,499 price tag.


At 1,545g they’re very light – although keep in mind that tubulars are lighter than clinchers due to construction – and even when the tyres had been glued they still felt impressively featherweight.

The result is that they accelerate rather well, and on climbs we’d describe them as ‘decent’ rather than ‘soul-destroying’. On the flat, you get that wonderful tubular tyre feel.

They’re a set of rims that hold speed well, handle stably and will definitely get you where you want to be quickly. At their original price, we’d have said that they were just too expensive. But with £500 knocked off, if you decide you want to ride tubular, the C75s are definitely worth a look.

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