FFWD DT240 bike wheels review

We test the Dutch wheel builder’s F6R/F9R pairing of full-carbon clinchers

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

FFWD DT240 bike wheels review 


Dutch wheel builder FFWD makes full-carbon clinchers in three depths – 40mm, 60mm and 90mm – and now offers them as mixed, as well as matching pairs.

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The F6R/F9R pairing sees a 60mm-deep/733g front teamed with a 90mm-deep/975g rear to make a 1.7kg set of full-carbon clinchers (before tyres, tubes, QRs and a cassette are added). 

Both wheels are 22mm wide, both are laced to DT Swiss 204S hubs and both use FFWD’s ‘DARC’ (or double-arc) profile that pinches in beneath the brake track before bulging back out and tapering into the traditional trailing edge.

They also both have big, bold decals that sit under a layer of clear coat to keep the surface smooth and the branding protected from scuffing or scratching.

Detail on FFWD DT240 bike wheels

You can mix and match the wheel depth, and this pairing has a 60mm front and 90mm rear. The wheels come with DT Swiss 204S hubs

There are shallower wheelsets that weigh more than this 1.7kg FFWD pairing, but it still takes a bit of heft to really get them going. They don’t spring into life from slower speeds, yet the faster you go the better they feel. And the more speed you carry, the more they seem to want to hold on to it.

Being pinned under your bodyweight means the back wheel isn’t troubled by crosswinds but the shallower front certainly is. When it comes to slowing down, they suffer from the familiar pause between you applying the brakes and your speed actually starting to drop.

It’s all quite standard fare for deep-section carbon rims. But if you’re prepared to settle for this you can get it for a lot less than 1,700 quid. 

Verdict: Very light, but suffer from crosswind squirm and spongy braking, 72%


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