ENVE Smart System 6.7

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first – the £2,250 price tag. It’s £350 more than Zipp 404s, £405 more than Easton EC90s and a staggering £1,155 more than our ‘Best on Test’ Strada 88mm wheelset (issue 258, 220). However, once you see what’s gone into developing them, splashing this much cash seems justifiable.


The guys at US-based ENVE know more than is healthy about carbon fibre and how it can be applied to bike speed. Throw aero-guru Simon Smart into the equation and, on paper, these should be seriously great wheels. They were developed to be at their aero best when coupled to a number of top selling frames, and the wind-tunnel data is indeed very impressive.

So, in theory, what are the standout features of the 6.7s? Well, the front and rear specificity for starters. The front wheel is 60mm deep and 26mm wide with 20 Sapim CX-Ray spokes; out back it’s 70mm deep and 24mm wide with 24 spokes. The set weighs a svelte 1,423g. The reasoning behind these features could take up an entire aerodynamic journal. But in Layman’s terms it’s down to the flow of wind through a moving bike. ENVE claim this combo produces less drag and greater stability in crosswinds.

But enough of the waffle… how do they ride? In short, mind-blowingly well. Acceleration, climbing and straight-line speed are stunning, as is their stability in crosswinds. There’s none of the skittering and over correction you can get with deep sections. They just plough a fast straight furrow and their response to your input is 100% predictable and proportional.

This translates to more time down on the aerobars, less heart-in-mouth moments and a faster bike split. Don’t believe us? Check out what Timo Bracht was rolling on his record breaking win in the wind and hill fest of Ironman Lanzarote.


Contact : www.envecomposites.com