Pro Aerofuel TT bike saddle review

A groovy perch that's great for holding a tuck comfortably

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Pro Aerofuel TT saddle

Like the ISM Adamo saddle, Pro’s 292g Aerofuel TT is designed to help you ride in a tuck position more comfortably. Unlike the Adamo saddle it thankfully bears more of a resemblance to a conventional saddle than a giant pulled tooth.


Aside from its broad nose, the most obvious feature on the Aerofuel TT is the 2cm-wide groove running along its length. The stout snout makes sitting on the tip a less painful proposition than it would be on a normal road saddle, while the groove keeps the pressure off your perineal region to lessen the likelihood of numbness in your privates. 

It’s a firm perch but comfortable, and takes a lot less getting used to than the Adamo, largely because there isn’t the same unsettling awareness of the missing centre section. An anti-slip coating over the rear flanks prevents sliding about, but some over the nose would be a useful addition.

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