Profile Carbon X 1.5

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

You know something is blinding value when you check the price twice. Profile’s all-in-one 836g option is a bargain bar that comes complete with great design detail and an integrated, alloy-sleeved stem.


The 400mm base-bar width is broad enough for most riders and a deep centre section means there’s no twist between the horn tips.

The upturned horns stop hand-slip and there’s a big exit slot for internally routed brake cables. The carbon S-bend extensions are slotted for internal or externally routed gear cables.

One nice touch is that the extensions can be clamped under or above the wing bar for full hand height adjustment. The same two long bolts hold both the extensions and the armrest brackets to save weight.

Rather than big Velcro sheets that peel off, the broad pads are attached with straps for repeated removal and washing. A vast array of profile-compatible accessory kits and drink systems are also available.


Contact : Madison