Elite Aeton Triathlon Drinking System

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The Elite Aeton is one of only a few aero drinks bottles on the market with the downtube-mounted Speedfil and Profile Design Aerodrink its closest rivals. In terms of capacity, the Aeton holds 750ml (compared with 900ml in the Profile and 1,200ml in the Speedfil) so it comes up a little short there, but this will suit riders who prefer to carry less weight and fill up on the move.


It has a cap that all but eliminates spillage on the fly (sometimes an issue with the Profile) and allows you (with just a small amount of dexterity) to top it up easily. Fitting it to your steed is a piece of cake. Various bar widths are catered for, with extensions if you run a particularly wide or narrow set-up.

Whether you’re destined to get on with the Aeton will largely depend on weighing up the advantages of being able to drink from the aerobars without moving (great on a flat course) against the slight upset in handling caused by having about a kilogramme of extra weight dangling from the front of your bike (not so clever on fast, technical descents). However, as a functional, if not aesthetically beautiful product, it works just fine.


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