Bontrager Race X Lite

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Bontrager has certainly put some thought into these 546g bars, starting right at the tips of the extensions.


Grooves allow shift cables to form a small aero section while carrying them round to where they tuck inside the cable ports. They’ve even put a neat little cat’s-bum plug at the far end so the cable doesn’t rattle around at the exit.

Separate bar and armrest clamps give fully independent adjustment, and there are further fore/aft and rotational adjustment options from the pads’ plates.

Tilt adjustment on the armrest clamps helps offset a rather flat and open feel. It’s as low as you’ll get from an ‘over bar’ set and, while they’re not pretty, the dual compound pads are very comfortable.

They’re covered by Bontrager’s reduced-cost crash-replacement plan and come with shims to fit either 31.8mm or 26mm bars, which is definitely useful. Higher than average weight isn’t in line with higher than average price, though.


Contact : Trek UK 01908 282626