What should I look for in a £1,000 road bike?

Got £1,000 to spend on a road bike? Nik Cook explains what to look for and what matters at that price point


The £1,000 price point is a fierce battleground  for bike manufacturers, which means you can get a lot of bike for your buck! But regardless of budget, the most important thing when buying any bike is that it fits you. So, although online deals can be very tempting, unless you’re 100% sure of sizing, you can’t beat going into a bike shop and trying before you buy.


Frame quality is a big priority and, at this price point, you can get a really decent frame from an established manufacturer. Look at their range and, if the same frame is specced on their higher price bracket bikes that’s a good sign.

The main thing not to be seduced by is the groupset. Ultegra is lovely but the differences in performance between it and the 105 are negligible, the same applies to the SRAM and Campagnolo equivalents. So, it’s usually wise to drop a groupset tier or two to secure a higher quality frame.

The one thing that you can guarantee at this price point, and far higher, is that you’re not going to get great wheels. This will probably be the first upgrade you should look at, but keep the original wheels for winter training duties.