Endura MT500 Spray Baggy

Really comfy offerings for a full day out on the MTB...

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

These shorts do remarkably well in both wet and warm weather.


They’re lightweight and you don’t overheat wearing them – the zipped vents help, and the fact that they’re waterproof on the back (crotch and seams), but not the front.

That might seem strange, but the majority of water when you ride gets kicked up from the floor, so it makes sense as a compromise. You’ll certainly be grateful of that rear waterproofing after the first puddle of the day. 

Being long shorts they strike the balance between leg cover and chainset clearance – there’s no rubbing, and the lags have adjustable hems so that you can get them tight into your calves if the weather’s really bad (you can also get three-quarter length versions that give you a bit of extra cover). 

The pockets are zipped and are great for keys, but they’re not waterproof so put your phone in the at your peril. 

The inside of the waist has attachments for the men’s mesh clickfast liner (an extra at £17.99) if you want a full padded chamois to go with them. 


Contact : www.endura.co.uk