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Best cycling overshoes for extra warmth and protection

Need help keeping your feet warm and dry while cycling in rough weather? We take a look at the best cycling overshoes deals on the market...

GripGrab RaceThermo Winter Overshoes on a coloured background

Crafted from water-resistant materials with clever insulating properties, cycling overshoes can be a useful addition to your wardrobe for cold or particularly wet weather. 


So, if you suffer from numb feet on winter rides, or just want to keep your cycling shoes looking box-fresh, it’s worth adding some to your online basket. Most cost under £50 and they could save you a lot of discomfort when the weather turns. 

Keep scrolling to see our round-up of the best cycling overshoes. 

Best cycling overshoes to add to your basket

GripGrab RaceThermo Winter Overshoes

GripGrab believes these cycling overshoes are a winner due to the quality materials and practical design the brand has put to use. They’re made with 4mm-thick neoprene designed to keep your feet warm, and there’s no zip at the back, which should mean you get even more protection from the wind and rain. 

Plus, you’ll find durable rubberised seams on the bottom of the overshoes, which are designed to hug your feet and stop water splashes from underneath getting inside. 

If you do a lot of cycling in low light, consider the high-vis version of these overshoes, which will help you stay safe on the roads.

Endura Windchill Overshoes

Featuring a brushed lining and reflective exterior, these cycling overshoes are another practical choice. The soft interior and windproof outer should keep you warm as the temperature drops, while the elasticated cuff with its silicone gripper forms a close seal around your lower leg. 

The design also includes highly durable materials and an offset zipper to the rear of the foot for a quick and easy set-up.

Castelli Diluvio UL Overshoes

Castelli has an impressive range of cycling overshoes, each with its own set of benefits. The brand’s Diluvio UL is one of its mid-range options, designed to be a practical all-rounder. 

This pair includes all the features you’d expect to see in any of the best cycling overshoes, like sealed, water-resistant seams and insulating neoprene construction. 

These overshoes are also fairly stretchy and the opening at the sole of the foot is adjustable to adapt to different types of footwear. They’re compatible with street, gravel or mountain biking shoes.

Castelli Toe Thingy 2 Toe Covers

Ideal for spring, summer and autumn, the excellently-named Castelli ‘Toe Thingy’ covers slip over the front of your cycling shoes to provide a little extra warmth and protection. The brand says to use them when the temperature is between 10°-18°C. 

The windproof neoprene construction and rubberised sole should also make these overshoes a durable choice. 

As they’re priced at under £20, it might be worth adding a pair to your wardrobe to keep you comfortable until you switch to full cycling overshoes in the winter.

Dhb Neoprene Nylon Overshoes

Another great option is this pair of cycling overshoes from dhb. Made from neoprene trapped between two layers of nylon, they’re said to provide 3mm of insulation and protection against the wind and rain. 

On the underside, the holes are designed to fit snugly around shoe cleats to reduce water penetration from splashes on the road. Also, the internal seams are taped which should provide further protection. 

A zip and a Velcro tab keeps these cycling overshoes in place on your foot, while the durable material at the base should help you avoid scuffs and scratches.

Endura Freezing Point Overshoes II

For rainy or particularly cold days, Endura recommend these overshoes as they come with a waterproof neoprene outer and a fleece lining to keep your feet toasty inside. 

As an extra precaution, Endura has added protection up to the lower leg to make sure your feet and ankles stay warm and dry on long rides. 

A silicone strip inside the overshoe should keep all the fabric in place as you move, and the reflective detailing is a practical addition for cycling after dark.

DexShell Overshoes

DexShell is an expert when it comes to waterproof accessories like socks, hats and gloves, which is why we’ve included one of the brand’s overshoes in our list. 

Some of the biggest plus points of this pair include the reflective zipper and the reinforced toe and middle-sole for durability. 


Plus, the elasticated cuff comes with a silicone gripper to stop it moving as you cycle.