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Best cheap cycling glasses in 2022

Protect your eyes from wind, sun and grit with our pick of the best bargain cycling glasses

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Cycling sunglasses are an essential when you’re hitting the road, whether you have an intense ride planned and risk facing high winds and grit, or a slow session in the sun where you’ll need some extra UV protection.


Especially clever lenses can also adapt specifically to certain environments, helping you see more clearly on cloudy days, and keep your focus on any potential dangers when it’s especially bright. 

There are a wide variety of expensive options to choose from, so we’ve put together our picks of the best cheap cycling glasses that are well worth your consideration and heard-earned cash.

Best cheap cycling glasses to buy in 2022

Queshark Cycling Sunglasses

Made with a rugged but comfortable frame, these lenses should be lightweight enough to wear for an extended period of time without causing any aggravation, which means they should also be ideal for a long training ride. 

There’s a large range of colour sets to choose from, whether you’d prefer a subtle black or something more standout like their fluo green pair, but all lenses are fully UV400 resistant so they’re designed to block out any UAV and UAB rays to keep you safe as you cycle. 

Each lens has been specifically made to match a different riding environment, with the grey polarised options targeted at very bright and sunny days; the yellow lenses for visibility at night; and the transparent sets for cloudy days. 

Madison Code Breaker

These interchangeable cycling sunglasses from Madison are built to adapt to different environments, with a switching system that lets you replace the lenses depending on your plans. 

Each set of lenses is made with polycarbonate to make them impact and scratch resistant, so they shouldn’t get easily damaged when you’re swapping them out in a hurry. 

They also offer UV-A and UV-B protection. 

dhb Vector Revo Lens Sunglasses

This almost mask-like design should provide you with a wide field of vision, and is designed to offer you security and confidence on the road. These large lenses also have an adjustable nose piece so you can adjust the fit and comfort to your face shape. 

Integrated vents built into the frame should ensure fog-free visibility, even when you’re puffed out on a steep incline. 

They also have a category 3 lens, which essentially means they’re designed to work best on bright days to help keep your vision clear as you pedal.

X-TIGER Polarized Sports Sunglasses

With a frame that weighs just 19.3g, these sunglasses from X-TIGER should be especially lightweight, leaving you to focus on the ride at hand with no uncomfortable distractions. 

You can choose from five replaceable sets of lenses, each offering a UV400 level of protection.

The kit also comes with an eyeglass cleaning cloth, so you can ensure maximum clarity at all times.

RoadR 900 Adult Cycling Glasses

This unique design from Van Rysel has been constructed to provide a wide field of vision. There’s also the option to swap out the lenses, to cover you on both bright and cloudy days. 

The slightly newer version introduced in 2018 has a new bridge style, which purportedly stops any slippage issues while you ride. and

Other highlights include: 100% UV protection; vents on the lenses to prevent fogging; and a tough polycarbonate construction to help safeguard against any accidental drops.

Tifosi Eyewear Crit Interchangeable Cycling Sunglasses

Built to stay on your face in the heat of a race, this 31g set of cycling glasses have hydrophilic rubber on both the ears and the nose area to prevent slippage. 

Elsewhere, vented lenses have been designed to reduce fogging, there’s 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, and there are three lens options: clear, AC red or a smoke alternative.

Endura Shark Cycling Glasses

These Shark glasses from Endura include low distortion lenses, which, claim the brand, allow you to ride safely without any concerns of a warping effect contorting your surroundings. 

The pair also provides full UV protection, while the wrap-around design is said to offer a sleek and slimline effect. 

Added features include vents on the nose, adjustable temple tips, a carry pouch and a soft wipe to help keep them clean.

ROCKBROS Cycling Photochromic Sunglasses

Photochromic lenses on this set from Rockbros are designed to automatically adapt to the lighting conditions as you ride, adjusting themselves to become lighter or darker throughout the day. 

They have UV400 protection, which is said to protect your eyes from harmful rays, while the lenses claim shatterproof and scratch-resistant construction, which means you shouldn’t have to worry about them failing in the middle of your next training session. 


The ergonomic look was designed with comfort in mind, while the soft rubber section on the nose is adjustable to help you find the right fit for your face shape.