Riva Tesla

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Riva is a new brand to us, offering plenty of features for the price, even if the sturdy frame isn’t matched by a similarly butch performance. The unit is easily assembled and the broad frame is stable.


The QR latch and lock-nutted screw thread onto the wheel skewer quickly and securely, and the latched metal clamp for the remote copes with most bar diameters.

Sadly, the adjuster lever is stiff and the motor doesn’t measure up. While it’s okay for entry-level legs, muscular riders will often need to be in top gear. At higher resistance levels, the metal roller slips unless you concentrate on a smooth spin.

That’s despite a lack of momentum in the small flywheel, which causes a choppy feel through the pedals. On the bright side, the direct fit to the frame means low levels of vibration and noise, keeping it in the picture for less powerful riders.


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