Elite Turbomuin turbo trainer review

Elite Turbomuin turbo trainer tested and rated by our expert reviewer

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Elite Turbomuin review

Elite Turbomuin review


What makes the TurboMuin different from almost all other turbo trainers is that it doesn’t rely on your rear wheel. It’s direct drive, so your pedalling efforts go straight into the resistance unit rather than being transmitted there via your back wheel.

That means you have to fit a cassette to it, so you’ll either need to buy a spare or use the one on your bike. It’s extra faff and expense (especially if you have to buy the tools) on top of an already pricey device, but at least you’ll save on tyre wear.

The TurboMuin is a fluid unit so it’s silky-smooth and virtually silent – whispering through the test warm-up at just 15 decibels.

The resistance is impressively progressive, going from almost non-existent to full-on grind as you work through your gears. It weighs a ton (well, 17.6kg) though, so bringing it along for a pre-race warm-up is a workout in itself. 

Verdict: A heavyweight in terms of class and price, and on the scales too – 82%


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