Beto Turbo

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

Fan-equipped turbo trainers have always been the basic budget option. Unfortunately, this one shows exactly why magnet and fluid units are so popular. The frame of the Beto is pretty good, being fully assembled from the box.


As long as you lock them out properly (we didn’t and the whole unit fell over, taking us with it), the broad splayed legs are stable. The twin winder engagement is also fast and secure.

But the skinny metal roller is so momentum-free, it makes for a truly choppy ride. The twin-hooded fan units also provide such little resistance that we barely broke sweat. But the real howler is the noise.

You’ll be lip-reading the TV at a steady pace, and at full tilt the scream is deafening. Basically, this trainer is only appropriate for triathletes who reside in a remote farmhouse.


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