S-Sun Eaglefly

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

Sanyo’s Eaglefly matched its name with a soaring performance to start with… but it didn’t take long to admit that we’d been a tad too hasty with our initial praise. The semi-reflector design looks basic but the LEDs are seriously bright. They even eclipsed the mighty Cateye in the Space Invader/flapping wings flashing mode that gives this light its name. It’s very much a rear facing only light, though, so you may want to reinforce it with smaller side lights in heavy urban traffic.


The bike clip and clothing hook give the most positive and reassuring connection of any on test. And it flew through our drowning test with all the contempt for cold water of an Osprey.

But this eagle turned turkey in the drop test. While the case stayed intact, battery movement was enough to bend the contacts and leave one terminal unconnected and the light useless. The contact then snapped off while we were bending it back into place and completely killed any hope of reviving it.


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