Lupine Piko 3

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Both the lamp unit and the power pack of the Piko are so compact you’d barely notice them, and it also delivers an impressive lighting punch. The beam is a perfect blend of penetration and flood, allowing confident riding on and off road.


You can program the beam levels to give you two, three or four, including flashing. On three you get 2.5hrs full, 7hrs medium and 19hrs on low. It also displays very clearly when you’re running low, need to power down and start heading home.

Off road and helmet mounted, full beam is great; when bar mounted on the road, medium is fine for all but the most twisting unlit lanes. The bar mount is a little fiddly to fit, requiring Allen keys, but is solid once on.

The Piko is also easily small enough and an optional headband is available to make it a perfect running headlamp for night-time trail adventures.


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