Union 9WN

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Both the packaging and head unit of the Union look a bit dated. The head unit in particular has a distinctly 1980s vibe and, while that may have a certain retro appeal, you wouldn’t put it on your P4.


Its nine functions tick all the important boxes but there’s nothing so special that you’d overlook the Union’s appearance. The pod-style speed sensor is on the ugly side and its fitting, involving a weird arm attachment and fiddly little screws, is frankly bonkers.

The head unit mount, which can attach to bars or stem, is simplistic in comparison but is still excessively high on the component count compared to others on test. We also really struggled to liberate the head unit once clicked into place.

On the bike, though, the Union performed very well. Talking between the head unit and sensor was continuous and without interference, and the single rubberised button made scrolling easy.


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