Lezyne launches GPS cycling computers

Mini GPS, Power GPS and Super GPS models emphasise simplicity and elegance

Lezyne's smallest and least-expensive GPS computer is the new Mini GPS model,

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Lezyne is expanding its bicycle accessories empire with a whole new category: GPS computers.

Three new models are coming this year, ranging from a small-and-simple unit with just the bare essentials, to a fully featured model with all the bells and whistles.

Three models: Mini, Power and Super

Lezyne says its entry-level Mini GPS is the smallest GPS-enabled cycling computer in the world. Its 33.4 x 50.8 x 22.5mm dimensions make it barely larger than a Tic Tac box and, with a claimed weight of just 30g, it isn’t much heavier, either.

The semi-customisable, monochrome LCD display is small but remarkably crisp with up to three data fields and a backlight for night-time visibility. If you’re not one to fiddle with buttons, there’s an auto-scrolling function that will automatically cycle through various screens for you.

Lezyne says the rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the Mini GPS will run for up to 10 hours, while 64Mb of flash storage will hold up to 100 hours of ride data.

Lezyne Mini GPS

The new Lezyne Mini GPS is very compact

The mid-level Power GPS model is substantially bigger than the Mini, at 46.5 x 73.2 x 27mm. It weighs 76g, but with a much richer feature set to justify the extra mass and girth. The screen doubles in size (for up to four data fields), run time more than doubles to 22 hours, and available storage increases to 200 hours of ride time.

Built-in Bluetooth Smart wireless capability enables pairing with compatible iOS and Android smartphones (via a new Lezyne Ally app) and other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters and direct-measurement speed sensors.

Lezyne has packed into the Power GPS an additional Glonass satellite antenna to supplement the standard GPS one, for much faster position and more accurate position tracking, especially when there isn’t clear line of sight.

Lezyne Power GPS

The Power GPS has a bigger display, Bluetooth Smart, a longer run-time, more storage capacity and a faster GPS+Glonass satellite receiver

Finally, there’s the top-end Super GPS, which has the same physical form factor as the Power GPS but adds ANT+ wireless capability in addition to Bluetooth Smart, for pairing with an even broader array of available sensors. Storage capacity increases yet again to 400 hours of ride time.

Lezyne Super GPS

The top-end Super GPS adds ANT+ wireless capabilities to the Power’s Bluetooth Smart

All three of the new GPS cycling computers use Lezyne’s own X-Lock interface system for mounting on nearly all types of bars and stems.

One standard mount is included with each GPS unit; an out-front style Forward GPS Mount is optional. Based on how popular we expect these devices to be, given the strength of Lezyne as a brand, we expect other companies such as K-Edge, Bar Fly and RaceWare Direct to eventually offer compatible mounts as well.

X-Lock mount and out-front mount

Use either the included standard X-Lock mount (left) or the optional out-front mount (right)

Pricing is enticingly competitive with the Mini GPS coming in at US$140 / £110, the Power GPS at US$170 / £140, and the top-end Super GPS at US$200 / £160. All of the new GPS computers will be available around April or May.

New Lezyne Ally app and GPS Root website

The Mini GPS, Power GPS and Super GPS computers all store ride data using the industry-standard .fit file format, which allows for easy uploading to analysis and logging sites such as Strava and TrainingPeaks.

In a rather bold move, however, Lezyne will also support the new devices with its own website and mobile app.

Lezyne GPS Root website

Supporting the new devices is a new GPS Root website

The GPS Root website will offer plug-and-play uploading of data from Lezyne GPS computers to a cloud-based storage system. Like similar logging sites, GPS Root will present ride data on a variety of different screens, such as your route overlaid on to Google Maps, a detail page with various ride statistics, and a graphical-based page with selectable metrics.

Users will also be able to share their rides over various popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A calendar page will provide an at-a-glance look at recent ride history too.

The Lezyne Ally app, on the other, offers similar analysis and review tools but with direct wireless uploads via Bluetooth from either the Power GPS or Super GPS computers to enabled iOS or Android smartphones. That data is also instantly synchronised with your profile on the GPS Root website.

Lezyne Ally app

For more information, visit www.lezyne.com.


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