Ciclosport CM8.3AM

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Ciclosport has a big European presence and Lance Armstrong was a long-time user, but this computer needs several add-ons to compete on functions.


Having to pay £32.99 extra for the heart-rate belt and £24.99 for the cadence sensor is the sting, especially as the software and USB stick that you need to work with the data they’d provide are already included.

The extra broad three-line display wastes space by sticking relatively small numbers right in the corners. But the clunky/clicky buttons are obvious enough to work with gloves and there’s a backlight for nocturnal sessions.

The square head-unit zip ties to round or flat section bars, while the sensors have always been super reliable on Ciclos we’ve had in the past. The potential data display and collection is up there among the best if you can afford the whole suite.


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