CatEye Micro Wireless CC-MC100W

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Thank God for wireless technology. It’s made setting up bike computers a dream. Two pairs of zip-ties, some sticky-back plastic (provided), and about five minutes was all it took to get CatEye’s Micro Wireless up and running.


Operation is equally straightforward, with one start/stop button (though this would benefit from a more positive feel) and one menu button, which scrolls through the 10 functions (including current, average and max speed, trip distance and elapsed time). There’s also a second set of average speed, elapsed time and trip readings for another bike with different-sized wheels (an MTB perhaps).

The display can be mounted on either your handlebar or your stem, which is handy if the former is already cramped with aerobar clamps. But there’s no heart rate monitor built in, so while 40 quid gets you all your bike data, you’ll need another device if you want to keep track of your vital signs.


Contact : Zyro 01845 521700