Boardman 22 Function

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Setting up and installing the Boardman is a breeze. The neat, if slightly boxy, speed and cadence sensors zip tie on, and the head unit mount attaches to either stem or bars with a simple but effective rubber band system. The head unit isn’t exactly a looker but the display and unit size are good.


As well as the standard features, you also get a thermometer and an altimeter that logs ascent and descent (a big plus for comparing performances on different rides). Most significantly, at this price point, you get wireless speed/distance and cadence.

All good, but in past tests Boardman computers have been prone to interference to a frustrating level. But someone at Boardman has seemingly been listening to feedback and, out on the roads, the performance of the 22 Function couldn’t be faulted. The large rubber buttons allowed easy on-the-go scrolling.


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