Blackburn Atom 4.0

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Opinions on the aesthetic values of the Blackburn’s head unit were divided but it’s certainly not the least attractive computer on test (the Union definitely takes that prize). The speed sensor is a beast, though, and although the fin styling is a nod to sleek lines, it could definitely do with losing some bulk.


Mounting both the sensor and head unit is simple – the former just requiring a couple of zip ties; the latter even simpler with a few rubber bands. All the basic speed, distance and time functions are present and a neat touch is being able to individually reset data value. Communication between sensor and head unit was also spot on throughout the test.

We’d prefer to see the control buttons sited on the face, top or sides of the unit as opposed to the back edge, but maybe that was just us being picky as it was still reasonably accessible, and the sharp edges on it gave a positive feel even through gloves.


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