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Review: Bontrager Race X Lite clip-on aerobars

Light, stiff, adjustable, comfortable and worth the extra spend

Bontrager Race X Lite clip-on aerobars

You can certainly pay an awful lot more for carbon clip-on aerobars, but if you’re willing to take a weight hit on alloy you can also pay a lot less. Even in Bontrager’s own range, their alloy Race Lite bars will save you £50.

However, it’s immediately obvious that these bars are a high-quality product with the high compression-moulded carbon looking very sleek. And, tipping our scales at 459g, they’re impressively light.

The clamping mechanism is designed to be gentle on carbon base-bars and, with some assembly paste, needed nowhere near the maximum 12Nm to be secure.

Once on, they offer plenty of adjustment, and, if you’re using them as part of an integrated set-up, internal cable routing. The ski-bend extensions, contrasting with the S-bend of the Race Lite’s, are comfortable, and having endured some all-out kilo efforts on the track are rock-solid stiff.

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