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Best elastic shoe laces for race day

Make tricky knots a thing of the past and improve you transition time with our pick of the best elastic laces

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After all the work you’ve put into your triathlon training the last thing you want to do is get stuck in the transition area fiddling with your shoes during your next event. This is where elastic laces can come in handy.


Designed to give you more support than a regular lace, an elastic replacement will also make it much easier to slip shoes on so you can move onto the run without losing momentum.

So if you’re hoping to save vital seconds on your time, look no further than our selection of the best elastic shoe laces below.

Best elastic shoe laces to buy in 2022

NO LABEL elastic laces

NO LABEL Race Laces

Make sure your shoes are flexible but secure with this race lace kit. Promising to turn any shoe into a slip-on, this pack includes elastic lace material as well as lace locks to keep everything in place.

Combined with additional lace clamps that hold onto the edges, these are designed make sure nothing unravels during training or race day.

Available in a variety of colours, you can opt for a subtle fit with the black or white, or if you’re hoping to stand out and make yourself as visible as possible on those darker trails there’s also yellow and blue to choose from.

Dhb Elastic Laces

dhb Elastic Laces on white background

Made with a spring-loaded locking mechanism, these elastic laces are designed to fit all footwear styles, keeping everything secure but flexible when you need to quickly put them on or take them off. 

Available in five different colours these laces also feature shrink-wrapped ends to keep things as streamlined and straightforward as possible. This should also improve their lifespan as they’re likely to avoid fraying.  

Lock Laces Shoe Laces

Lock Laces Shoe Laces

One size fits all with these secure lock laces, which means they can easily accommodate a wide range of shoes if you’re someone who switches between several pairs for different aspects of training.

Whether you’re training on trails or going for a light run there are plenty of vibrant colours to choose from that include sour green apple and neon yellow, as well as toned down options like black and cool grey depending on your preference. 

55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces

55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces on white background

Designed for high intensity activity where you don’t want to risk a lace coming undone and either loosening your shoe or tripping you up, these elastic lock laces from the 55 Sport store promise to stay secure until you choose to slip them off.

Easy to install so you can limit your time spent fiddling and head straight out the door, they’re said to be made from such high quality materials they’ll outlive the shoes you’re running in, so it’s especially handy that these laces have longevity. 

With a wide selection of colours and prints to choose from you can find the pattern that works best for you, or buy multiple to quickly differentiate between training and race day shoes.

Zone 3 Elastic Shoe Laces

ZONE3 shoe laces on white background

These colourful laces from Zone3 are made from heavy duty elastic to help you worry less about them splitting or falling apart after a couple of heavy sessions. They’ve been designed to help transform any shoe into a sturdy slip-on, perfect for training or race day when you’re trying to save valuable time in T2.

The lace ends are shrink-wrapped to limit any easy damage like fraying and the laces themselves have a reflective weave throughout to help light you up at night.

They’re said to be both UV- and moisture-resistant, so they should see you through sun or showers, with a spring in the lock made from stainless steel so it doesn’t rust in poor weather.

HOMAR Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

HOMAR Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces on white background

These laces can be cut to size so you can find the perfect length that works for you, with a self-locking system that will keep them in place. They can also be adjusted afterwards if you find you’ve made them a little too loose or a little too tight. 

Suitable for a wide variety of shoes, these laces boast strong elasticity and a durable material, with a rubber inside helping them to keep going as long as you can.

Ultimate Performance Reflective Elastic Laces


Made from bungee chord for a tough but flexible fit, these laces should keep your shoe snugly in place without restricting your movement. 

They’re fitted with a spring loaded lock so you can swiftly remove the lace at any time, with plenty of colours to choose from if you want to switch up your training or race day look. 

HUUB Elastic Laces with Locks

HUUB Elastic Laces with Locks

Suitable for any size shoe which includes both junior athletes as well as adults, these easy-to-install laces should adapt to the shape of your foot for a custom feel.


They’ve even been designed with added compressions to alleviate certain pressure points to give you that extra edge, and each pair comes with a set of locks to keep everything in place.