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Best ab rollers to build a strong core in 2024

Building up strong abs is often associated with purely aesthetic purposes, but a solid core can provide a powerful base for high-level performance, helpful for all stages of a triathlon

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There’s a lot of equipment out there designed target your abdominals. Of all of them, ab rollers might just provide the best value.

Ab rollers are a small piece of kit that take up minimal space, and their simplistic design means they are often significantly more affordable than other core training equipment, such as ab coasters or hanging leg raise stations.

They’re also very effective. Ab rollers can target several muscles of the abdominal wall, as well as secondary muscles like the obliques, forearms, and muscles across the tops of the shoulders and outer edges of the back.

The resistance can be adjusted for advanced users by adding weight or increasing repetitions. For beginners, it can be a difficult exercise to get used to, so some options provide support to make the exercise a little easier to begin with.

If you’re looking to get rolling, we’ve listed our picks below to get you started. There’s something for every level of fitness, chosen based on in-depth research and analysis of user reviews.

Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro

This ab roller features an ultra-wide frame designed to provide greater stability when rolling. The wider wheel also allows the design to pivot left and right, enabling users to adjust the angle and target different areas of the abdominals and obliques.

Unlike other ab rollers that rely entirely on body weight to produce resistance, this ab roller uses a spring mechanism to provide resistance when rolling out. This is stated to increase tension on the abs.

Additionally, there is a small amount of assistance provided when rolling back, which is claimed to reduce pressure on the lower back. The handles are padded and curved, designed to help support the hands and prevent slippage.

Corength Evolving Ab Wheel

This ab wheel from Corength by Decathlon features two wheels joined together, which are spaced widely to provide added stability.

The aim of this ab roller is to offer a cost-effective way to progress from a beginner level to an advanced one. It comes with a knee pad and elastic strap to provide support when rolling in and out.

The strap can be adjusted to provide varying levels of tension, depending on the user’s resistance needs.

SKLZ Core Wheels

This ab roller from SKLZ features two separate wheels instead of the traditional single roller. SKLZ claims that the use of two wheels, with one on each side, further destabilises the movement, causing the shoulders, torso, and hips to work harder than they would with a traditional ab roller.

The design includes ergonomic foam handles and is designed to be lightweight and portable. The use of two separate wheels allows for a greater range of angles and freedom of movement.

With your purchase, there is an included training guide that unlocks some of the most beneficial core techniques, such as the plank and the push-up.

John Lewis Ab Roller

John Lewis’ ab roller aims to cover the basics. It features a singular wheel, designed to be extra wide for stability and balance.

The handles feature grips to keep from slipping and the added tread on the wheel is claimed to provide a steady, stable roll.

Jordan Power Wheel

This ab roller from Jordan features one wheel with a deep tread, providing a premium grip. It includes handles for traditional hand rolling and straps for the feet to allow for intense rolling crunches.

Jordan claims that this wheel can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they include a DVD for advanced workouts directed by Jon Hinds, a recommended fitness expert.

Echelon Ab Wheel

Echelon’s ab wheel is designed to provide a premium grip, featuring grooved markings across the wheel to prevent slipping or skidding. The handles also have rubber grips to keep your hands secure during difficult sessions.

This ab roller comes with a knee pad for extra comfort, which may be useful when using the roller on hard surfaces or floors that may not provide enough grip.

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