Junior wins, slow dads and Olympic DVDs

As Hever nears, middle Burgess brother Nathan outlines his prep and how the Olympics DVD has inspired his training


Hi, my name is Nathan Burgess and I'm the middle brother in the family. Like my brothers I love triathlon, although I also really like football (Raiders is my club and I play in the blue team), cricket and rugby – in fact ANY SPORT! I also like hanging out with my friends so it can be really hard to fit in triathlon training but I manage to do so.


With Hever in a few weeks, my brothers and me are training quite hard. I have a new wetsuit and so we went and did an aquathon last week at Hillingdon. It was an outdoor pool, very cold and a bit weird to be in a wetsuit in pool.

It was good experience to be part of a big swim and the wetsuit came off easily, which was the main thing I wanted to practice. I had to swim 300m and run 1m and I found it easy. Having a shorter race than the adults I was first over the line and it felt fantastic. I came first in the junior event, too, so I was well happy. The photo above is of the three of us after the race.

Tough track sessions

It is exciting having a big race coming up as I am committed to training hard. I’ve started to join my older brother Stephen on his track sessions but they are so tough. I really try hard though but sometimes have to drop a couple of laps. Mum does them too and I beat her in a 400m sprint – yay! Stephen is always near the front of the lead group and it makes me proud to watch him and I want to be as fast too.

Biking is my favourite bit of triathlon and I am going out on my mountain or road bike as often as I can. Stephen and I can go together on our road bikes now although only if it is a quiet route. I go with my Dad too but he is so slow (really slow) up the hills – he usually beats cyclists running up them though! I am also doing some sessions on a turbo trainer – we have it in the shed and I watch the Olympic 2012 DVD and it inspires me to carry on.

I am looking forward to Hever so much especially as I do not have Stephen in my race – he has moved up to the adult sprint. As always I want to do my best and have loads of fun.


See how the brothers get on at Hever here next month. More on the race is at www.castletriathlonseries.co.uk