It’s the little things in life that count

On her path to the London Tri, Deb MacLeod discovers that her strength and conditioning routines are having an impact

Who was it that said ‘It’s the little things in life that count’? From a holistic aspect, I have always agreed with this and I’m learning that, from a fitness point of view, it’s also true.
Exercise scientist Andy Middlebrooke has always told us, “If you want to improve your level of fitness, it’s not about how good your kit is – it’s about making sure your engine and chassis are working efficiently.” Simples!
I’ve been thinking about one of the less exciting aspects of my training: Strength & Conditioning (S&C). Honestly, I don’t always find it very thrilling. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t generate the same ‘high’ or ‘buzz’ as a tough run, a cycle ride or a blast on the turbo. On the upside, however, it doesn’t make me want to throw up either. But the reality is my S&C routines are making an impact.
I know this primarily because I am able to run again when, several years ago, my GP had said I wouldn’t! I told her I was in lots of pain after I ran and she simply said, ‘Don’t run anymore’. Good thing I didn’t pay attention then, and a very good thing Mr and I met Andy.
At his introductory talk he told us how assessments, education and training would improve our fitness levels. So we had our assessments (hooked up to all his nasty machines) and it was worth it because when I had mine it was all about ME, as with everything Andy does: it’s specific to the individual.
He checked my mobility and identified my weaknesses which explained why I was in pain when I ran; then he developed a regime to support and strengthen me and after only a few weeks voila! No more stiff knees, no more feeling like a stiff old board!
So here I am, happily bouncing down the road again but just because I am doesn’t mean I get to ease off. I had a re-assessment the other day just so Andy could check that I was doing what I should be and lo and behold, I have a whole NEW set of exercises!
I still have the odd nasty thoughts about him that I mutter during my routines but on the whole it’s good and I know he’s worth it. Just don’t tell him I said that, okay?

Pic credit: James Millar/Metis Media