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Get on with it!

Is triathlon something just this side of crazy, asks our new blogger Deb MacLeod when confronted with the turbo

My nerves are jangling and my muscles are starting to bitch, and I’m asking myself how do I keep on with this madness when the season’s only just started really? Seems I’m not the only one.

Take fellow 220 blogger Peter Phippen. I was moved by his story and felt comfort in his determination and whinging. He’s a normal guy overcoming his own barriers but getting on with his life and his training. He made me feel oh so much better when he blogged about turbo trainers the other day, something I’ve been moaning about to my Mr lately too.

For my sins (or at least for part of my own training programme), I attend a weekly turbo session in addition to my normal routines. These sessions are horrid but they’re a good horrid! Anyway, just before the class starts I have that icky feeling: I go to the loo several times; I send Andy Middlebrooke (my exercise physiologist who designs the turbo sessions) hateful thoughts; I want to go home. Fifteen minutes in I’m in complete and utter misery until finally I just surrender to it because actually it’s only 55 minutes of my life where I’m slogging my guts out. Is that love or hate? Or is it something just this side of crazy?

I’m not sure what the emotion is but what I do know is it’s helping my performance. And, for this 48 year old’s money, I say it’s ‘the getting on with it’ that is the toughest part. Mr and I talk about this a lot.

And you know what? This afternoon just before I go out for a little run, I’ll feel the same; but the good news in all of this, and there is good news: I’ll get back from my run, I’ll feel good and I’ll be smug in my own little way and know this old tortoise is making progress. And you know what, Peter Phippen, I think it’s because of that blasted turbo. Ah well…

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