Triathlon gear buying guides

From triathlon-specific bikes to sophisticated GPS watches you could spend a fortune buying triathlon kit and equipment, each piece of triathlon equipment promising to make the difference to your training and race performance. Here are some triathlon gear buying and fact guides to some of the most essential pieces of triathlon kit...


The swim


A good pair of goggles features a multitude of attributes designed for a more comfortable, faster swim. Tom Waller shows you what to look for in the perfect pair…

The tri-suit is second only to the bike in the most important piece of tri kit you’ll need. Here’s our guide on what to look for

Why a triathlon wetsuit is worth the investment and what to look for when buying

Your swimming style will dictate the thickness of your choice of suit, says Andy Blow

Confused about neoprene cell counts and what’s most suitable for you? We explain all

Four-time Kona champion shares her hard-won tips on finding the wetsuit, goggles and other kit you need

The bike leg

They may be heavier than road bikes, but a tri-specific steed can give you both extra speed and comfort during the second discipline

We offer five tips to help you find a triathlon bike that’ll fit and ride right

Struggling to choose between a triathlon or a road bike? Don’t worry says Mark McKay, this is a dilemma that every triathlete must face. Here he weighs up the pros and cons of both

A good turbo isn’t just for Christmas, it can be a great training tool all year round – however shopping for one can be confusing, so here’s a helpful guide…

Race wheels are one of the most exciting triathlon gear purchases you can ever make. Nik Cook explores the real benefits of riding the bike leg with these specialist bike wheels.

Discs, deep rims, tubs… Choosing the right race wheels will make or break your bike leg. But how do you pick the set for you? Jay Prasuhn finds out

On the one hand, aerobars can cut drag and shave precious seconds off your bike race time. On the other, it’s argued that they can hinder your speed and compromise power if used incorrectly. Nik Cook explains all…

26, 29 or 650b? Alloy, carbon or Ti? Hardtail? What triathletes should look for when buying their off-road ride…

Aero helmet shapes vary a great deal, in three primary aspects: tail length, surface features and width. We take a look into the trio…

Our in-depth guide to bike power meters and their uses for triathletes

The run leg

Minimalist, motion-controlled, oversized… the choice of trainer for triathletes is now exhaustive. And downright confusing. We shed some light…

What to look for when buying when buying shoes for off-road adventures

New to triathlon, and wondering if elastic shoe laces are worth it or whether you will compromise too much on support and comfort? Andy Bullock weighs up the pros and cons


Our writers ponder the merits of GPS watches, power meters and heart rate monitors