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Ross Edgley signs up for Red Bull Neptune Steps

Less than two weeks after becoming the first person to swim around mainland Great Britain, Ross Edgley has set his sights on another major goal: to win Red Bull Neptune Steps.

Credit: Red Bull

Fresh from his 1782-mile swim around the UK, the adventurer Ross Edgley is the first to sign-up for the open-water swimming and climbing challenge that is the Neptune Steps.

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Held in March this adventurous race combines a 420 metre sprint swim in icy-cold water with eight canal gates to clamber over (a total climb of 18 metres). Each canal gate features a different obstacle to climb up – including cargo net, ropes, wood ladder, rope ladders and a climbing wall.

Ross, who lugged a tree trunk around the Caribbean for a 100km swim last November and rope-climbed the equivalent height of Mount Everest in just 24 hours back in 2016, is excited to return to Maryhill Locks for the second year in a row.

He said: “The Great British Swim was 1,782 miles of swimming, completing 2.3million strokes across 157 days at sea, through dolphins, whales and stunning sunsets. But without doubt the best mile I ever swam was at the very end when 400 swimmers braved the cold, British, winter waters and swam the final mile with me. The atmosphere in the water was indescribable. This is why I love adventure swimming and the only other event I’ve experienced that comes close is Red Bull Neptune Steps.”

Red Bull Neptune Steps will take place on 23rd March 2019 at Maryhill Locks in Glasgow. The race is open to men and women aged 16+ and entrants can sign-up from Tuesday 20th November at redbull.co.uk/neptunesteps

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