Daniela Ryf: Greatest of All Time

Daniela Ryf shares her tumultuous journey to becoming x4 Ironman World Champion in the first episode of the PTO 'Greatest of All Time' series


The Professional Triathletes Organisation has released the first video of a new series on ‘The Greatest of All Time’ in the world of triathlon. First up, the Swiss endurance champ with one of the most decorated careers in triathlon history, Daniela Ryf.  


With an emphasis on staying focussed and positive, Ryf discusses the mental side of racing and what motivates her to push through any inevitable doubts. Her no-nonsense approach to surpassing limits shines through, her believing that “you can achieve anything through hard work.”

Starting out at the age of 18 with an simple goal to be fast and perform at her best, Ryf opens up about her successful career, including moments of victory and times of destabilising doubt.

Ryf shares that meeting her previous coach, Brett Sutton, gave her a much needed push to get into long-distance racing and started her off on the trajectory to greatness.

With advice like “wanting to be great is the wrong goal”, Ryf admits that being world champion was never an ambition of hers, but rather a title she fell into (thanks to a great deal of hard work and motivation, we’re sure).

Ever humble, Ryf praises fellow athletes, including Mirinda Carfrae, Natasha Batman and Roger Federer, for setting standards in sport and trying to change the world for good.

After her instagram post in April of this year where she “came out” to her 185k followers, Ryf is grateful for the positivity and support shown by the triathlon community, and emphasises her belief that you don’t have to be trapped by a label.

We named Ryf one of the best female triathletes ever and one of the best Kona athletes of all time


Coming soon – another ‘Greatest of All Time’ episode with German Olympian Jan Frodeno, where the two-time 70.3 and three-time Ironman World Champion will discuss what it took to become one of the greatest in the sport.