Daniela Ryf’s top 5 tips for racing and recovery

Kona course record holder Daniela Ryf shares her top tips for racing and recovery


What mental strategies do you advise for our readers on Ironman race-day?


Stay in the moment and don’t think too much ahead. I always try to break down the race into little fractions. In the swim, try to concentrate on your stroke then the next buoy. Then try not to forget anything in transition. Then I motivate myself from aid station to aid station and just set little goals. When I’m on the bike I never think about the run.

What’s your advice for your developing mental strength and the ability to suffer pain? 

It’s not that I like pain. But it’s about accepting it and making it to your advantage. Because once you’re in that zone, if you can accept it and enjoy it your brain will forget it’s not in its comfort zone. This I mostly practise in training. I believe the key is to train harder than you race, and then you deal with it more successfully in the race.

What are your key tips for recovery? And how did you recuperate in the period between Roth and Switzerland in 2016?

I’m a big fan of essential oils. I have a special mix, which I mix in my massage oil and it helps me to recover quicker. Between Roth and Switzerland I did a lot of short swims, which helped prevent my muscles from tightening up. 

What are your essential tips on gear for racing Ironman?

Stay with what you know and trust. And don’t try new things for racing just because someone said you might be a few seconds faster with it. 

And what advice do you have for making the step-up from Olympic to long-course racing?

To be honest, long-course racing isn’t harder, it’s easier. You just go for longer! 

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