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Best Black Friday wetsuit deals

A wetsuit can be an expensive tri kit purchase, so make the most of these Black Friday deals with up to 55% off top triathlon wetsuits.

black friday wetsuit deals

Black Friday is the ideal time to grab yourself a huge bargain, especially when it comes to the more expensive side of triathlon kit – wetsuits.


They’re essential for training and racing in temperate climates, but that doesn’t mean they come cheap, with the average price ranging anywhere from £100-£700.

So, sit back, relax and have a peruse of some of the best Black Friday wetsuit deals that we’ve hand picked for you. Now is a great time to invest for the upcoming season, or to give the triathlete in your life the perfect gift.

Best Black Friday wetsuit deals

2XU P:2 Propel £399 £364

2XU Propel P2 wetsuit
Credit: 2XU

The 2XU P:2 Propel wetsuit is available in both men’s and women’s versions, and is made from 100% 39-cell neoprene. The neoprene has zonal thickness to help lift up the heavier limbs like the legs and core, while helping the wearer to maintain a comfortable form in the water.

The SCS (super composite skin) coating provides an extra outer layer on the suit that aims to reduce drag in the water, and 2XU claims that the lining boasts a huge 520% of stretch for supreme flexibility and range of motion.

Zone3 Vision £295 £236

Zone3 Vision Wetsuit
Credit: Zone3

As with the 2XU suit (above) the Zone3 Vision is made from 39-cell Yamamoto neoprene, with SCS coating to aid hydrodynamics. The suit gets environmental kudos for its limestone-derived construction, and we liked the quick-remove arm and leg cuffs in testing, which should prove handy when it comes to race day.

Zone3 says that the Aerodome material used has built-in air bubbles between layers of fabric, which make the suit lighter and 30% more buoyant than other conventional suits. The panelled design allows for different sections to have different thicknesses, with a ‘one-piece shoulder panel design’ across the chest and shoulders designed to allow for flexibility during armstroke.

Dhb Hydron 2.0 £120 £75

dhb Hydron Wetsuit 2.0
Credit: Wiggle

We found the Hydron 2.0 hard to fault in testing, reporting a durable construction and fit that is true to size. Ideal for triathlon beginners, the suit has zonal thickness and calf panels that make removal swift.

Nabaiji Open-water Glideskin wetsuit

nabaiji glideskin wetsuit
Credit: Decathlon

If you’re after a budget suit from the sporting giant Decathlon, this could be your best bet for a tri-specific number. Made from 2-2.5mm glide skin neoprene, the suit is also woven with recycled polyester sourced from a whopping 45 plastic bottles.

Blueseventy Bolt £149 £99

blueseventy bolt wetsuit
Credit: Wiggle

A Wiggle exclusive, the Blueseventy Bolt gives affordability a new meaning with it now coming in at under £100 thanks to Black Friday discounts. Made from a combination of thin neoprene and stretchy jersey fabric, arms should have great mobility in the water.

The suit also aims to lift the lower half of the body into a more hydrodynamic position, due to varying neoprene thickness from 1.5-3mm.

Dhb Aeron 2.0 £180 £125

dhb aeron 2.0 wetsuit
Credit: Wiggle

Made from 39-cell Yamamoto neoprene with zonal thickness, this suit boasts 5mm thick buoyancy thigh panels for the sinky-legged swimmers among us and 2mm thickness across the arms and shoulders to allow for flexible armstroke in the water.

Coated with a HDS layer that aims to improve hydrodynamics, the Aeron 2.0 also has quick-release cuffs and durable YKK zippers.

Blueseventy Sprint £199 £150

Blueseventy sprint triathlon wetsuit
Credit: Wiggle

Made from a mix of jersey and neoprene to allow for under-arm flexibility, the Sprint has been a staple in our triathlon wardrobe for years.

The buoyancy profile of this suit is 3:4:4, which refers to a greater lift in the waist than the chest and legs, Blueseventy says this is to encourage the most hydro form possible when in the water.

Zone3 Aspect Thermal £249 £199

zone3 aspect thermal wetsuit
Credit: Wiggle

With an extra thermal lining to aid warmth, the Aspect Thermal from Zone3 is designed to be flexible and buoyant, while warding off the shivers as outdoor swimming temperatures start to drop. Full review coming in our January 2022 issue of 220.

Roka Maverick Comp II £385 £241

roka maverick comp II wetsuit
Credit: Sigma Sports

Designed for those new to open-water swimming, this suit should be suitable to all abilities thanks to its impressive tech. RS2 centerline buoyancy refers to the placing of neoprene panels along the suit which encourage the body’s natural rotation during front crawl.

To aid comfort, neck panels and quick-release ankle sleeves are built-into the design and aim to reduce chafing and improve ease of use.

HUUB Agilis Brownlee 3.3 £650 £390

Huub Agilis wetsuit
Credit: Sigma Sports

Designed in collaboration with the Brownlee brothers and a firm favourite on test, the Agilis has gone from strength to strength over its three iterations. Extremely supple and flexible, we found the suit plenty buoyant and comfortable.

Though pictured above is the women’s version, the Agilis comes in both female and male geometries, taking into account the vast differences in form across the sexes.

With ‘Arms Neutral’ positioning and ‘Rotational Freedom’, armstroke should be completely unhampered and smooth.


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