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The best kids’ wetsuits to buy: 9 styles for all age groups

Help your children keep toasty and buoyant when they’re in the water with our list of the best kids' wetsuits.

Best wetsuits for kids

Encouraging your children to spend time in the water is a lot easier when they’ve got a comfortable wetsuit they love to wear. Whether they’re keen to compete in triathlons, try their turn at surfing or simply have fun in the sea without feeling the chill, finding the best wetsuit for your child is a worthwhile investment. 


In our list of the best kids’ wetsuits, we have included a range of designs at various price points so you can find the best fit for your child. 

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The best kids’ wetsuits for 2023

Zone3 Kids Adventure Tri Wetsuit

If you’re familiar with the Zone3 wetsuit range, you’re likely to spot a few similar features in their junior wetsuit.

This tri wetsuit has been designed with speed in mind, as the arms and legs have ‘pro-speed cuffs’ which aim to make the removal of the wetsuit that little bit easier. This lends itself well to children who are keen to compete in triathlons as it should help shave off precious time.

The wetsuit features stretchy 2mm shoulder and arm panels, 3mm body and leg panels and a downwards zip at the back. If you’re looking for a wetsuit that will last a long time, or perhaps you’ve got younger family members waiting for hand-me-downs, this should be a solid investment as the fabric has been designed with durability in mind. While the design is fairly understated, there is a fun block of red on the back, giving it a stylish look.

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3/2 Junior Wetsuit Front Zip 900

This popular black and khaki wetsuit is made of ultra-stretch neoprene material and has a large front opening so getting in and out should be straightforward. Designed specifically for surfing and bodyboarding in temperatures of 17 to 22°C, this would be a great item to pack if you’re off on an active family beach holiday. The front zip design aims to help kids keep warm and should also give them more flexibility with their movement, which is ideal for when they’re participating in water sports.

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Kids’ Surfing Wetsuit Quiksilver Prologue 3/2 mm

If you’re looking for something under the £100 mark, this Quiksilver wetsuit could be a a top choice. Rather than beginners who are keen for a splash about, this wetsuit has been created for advanced surfers who tend to spend up to two hours in the water at temperatures between 17 and 21°C. It has a thermal layer on the chest and back, while the sleek, professional look with the iconic Quiksilver symbol is bound to be a huge hit for any young surfing enthusiast.

Orca Kids Open Squad Swim Wetsuit

This kids’ wetsuit from Orca is made of Yamamoto neoprene with a thickness of 1.5 to 2.5mm and is designed to provide warmth and flexibility for kids in the water. The vibrant orange colour helps when you’re trying hard to spot your child in the water amongst the other swimmers bobbing about, making this high-visibility wetsuit a safe choice. If you’re after the newest gear available, this open water wetsuit is new for 2021.

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2XU Youth Propel Wetsuit

This wetsuit has been designed to put the swimmer in an optimal horizontal position in the water. This is down to the wetsuit’s varied thickness levels, which stop the swimmer’s legs from sinking deeper into the water because the centre of buoyancy is lowered. The bright, neon-green coloured arms help increase visibility and also give the wetsuit a lovely look.

To care for this kids’ wetsuit, you can put it through a cold machine wash and hang it to dry in a cool area, out of the sun.

Olaian Kids’ Full Wetsuit 3/2

If a black base doesn’t take your child’s fancy, this navy option is a great alternative. This kids’ wetsuit is suitable for advanced surfers who tend to have long sessions – up to two hours – in water of temperatures between 17 and 21°C.

The top half of the wetsuit has been made with extra stretchy material so kids should have more freedom of movement when they’re practising their best pop up on the surf board. The stitch-bonded material and adjustable neck aims to keep unwanted leaks at bay. While this Olaian wetsuit is recommended for experienced surfers, it’s also a good option if your children are just trying out water sports for the first time as it’s slightly cheaper than the other options on our list.

Speedo Junior Fastskin Proton Thinswim Wetsuit

Promising a watertight fit due to the fuse neck design, this 2mm wetsuit from Speedo is one to consider for entry level triathletes. The Yamamoto 38 cell neoprene rubber material aims to help children in the water with flexibility and buoyancy, and if you’re fed up of lugging around a heavy wetsuit at the end of the day, this pick claims to be ultra-light, so it shouldn’t weigh you down. There’s an adults version too – check out our review of the Speedo Proton wetsuit here.

Best wetsuits for toddlers

O’Neill Toddler Reactor II Back Zip Full Wetsuit

If you’re keen to keep your children covered up – whether it be to keep them warm in water or protected from the sun, this vibrant full length wetsuit from O’Neill is a funky choice. The wetsuit has a thickness of 2mm and there is a zip at the back which should make it easy for wee swimmers to slip in and out of it.

Roxy Short Sleeve Springsuit for Toddlers

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A springsuit allows for more flexibility as arms and legs aren’t restricted, so this sweet pick from Roxy could be great for active tots. Made of Freemax neoprene with flatlock seams, this wetsuit claims to be durable, soft and flexible, which are all desirable features when you’re picking a wetsuit for young children. Whatever they enjoy getting up to in the water, it’s likely this cute springsuit will become a beach favourite. Roxy says it’s suitable for water temperatures of 21 to 23°C.

Buy the Roxy Short Sleeve Springsuit for Toddlers now from Roxy


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