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Best wetsuit hangers for quick and easy drying

Make sure your swimming kit dries as quickly and efficiently as possible with our pick of the best wetsuit hangers

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After a tiring swim in open water it’s tempting to kick off your wetsuit and leave it to dry by itself, but this can prove to be more time consuming and more costly in the long run.


For a start, you need to clean your wetsuit properly after swimming in open water. After that, a reliable wetsuit hanger will not only speed up the drying process due to its ventilation features, but it can also help preserve the shape of your wetsuit, making sure it doesn’t stretch in the wrong places and lose shape. 

If you decide to invest in a hanger it’s important to choose one that’s been especially made for the task at hand. That way you’ll know if it can handle the weight of your soaking kit and it’ll be more likely have additional features built in to make life a little easier.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some picks below. Whether you want a portable option you can unpack on the go or extra space for hanging your gloves and boots, there’s plenty to consider.

Best wetsuit hangers to buy in 2022

C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

Regular open-water swimmers will know the pain of having wet neoprene endlessly strewn around the house dripping. This strange-looking device solves the problem by including uprights to place your booties and gloves on, as well as a large slot for hanging your wetsuit. We also used the central bar to hang up our neoprene swim cap and goggles.

Solidly constructed with an adjustable hanging strap, the C-Monsta quickly became indispensable over a winter of cold-water swimming that needed all our kit ready to go again every day. Hanging it allowed it to drain and ventilate easily (without clothes pegs marks!).

The adjustable hanging strap can be set to the appropriate length depending on where you’re leaving your items, and the hanger itself is said to be capable of holding at least 15kg at a time.

In her review of in issue 403 (on-sale 14 April), 220 editor Helen Webster summarised the C-Monsta by saying it was “a simple but well-constructed solution to a swimmer’s problem” and awarded it a rating of 92%.

Osprey Wetsuit Hanger

This wetsuit hanger from Osprey is designed to handle the weight of your kit while effectively drying it off in a convenient way.

It has a versatile carabiner hook that can be clipped anywhere that works best for you, with a rubber coating that’s said to protect the surface it’s attached to.

It also has additional slots where you can lay your gloves to help them quickly dry off, while the design is said to allow for easy ventilation for swift drying so your kit can dry quickly and be ready for you when you next go swimming.

Olaian Wetsuit Hanger

Designed by surfers who appreciate the task of drying their gear, this versatile hanger from Olaian doesn’t have a hook attached. Instead, it has a slot allowing it to attach onto a hanger of your choice. This means it’s portable enough to carry around with you, while still offering the support your wetsuit needs. 

There are holes in the body of the hanger for extra ventilation to help speed up the drying process, while it has been specifically made to retain the shape of the wetsuit shoulders and keep the neoprene material intact.

The hanger has also been made entirely from recycled plastic.

Ho Stevie! Wetsuit Hanger

A particularly portable product, this hanger can be folded away until it’s needed. Simply press a button to release the two ends after your time in the water and you’ll be able to support your wetsuit after your swim. 

Made from a sturdy polymer material, this hanger has large gaps in its arms to help with ventilation and get your kit drying faster, and is designed to support and maintain the shape of your wetsuit much better than a regular clothes hanger could.

Northcore Wetsuit Hangers

Save the shoulders of your wetsuit and hang them from the waist instead, with this hanger from Northcore. It has a generous sized slot so you should be able to fit your wetsuit without any issues, reducing stress on the materials as the water trickles off.

This is an eco-friendly option, as its made from 100% recycled plastic, and thanks to its sleek and slimline design it shouldn’t take up too much space alongside your swimming gear.

Dritek Hanger V2

With the Dritek hanger V2 you won’t have to worry about the weight of your wetsuit, as the brand says it can hold an impressive 30kg on its frame.

Instead of a hook it has a carabiner and strap combo so you can adjust the height for your preference. Plus, Dritek have added a rubber casing to the carabiner in order to help reduce the risk it it damaging any surfaces it hangs from.

Made in the UK from recycled materials, the frame has also been designed to ensure the weight of your wetsuit is evenly distributed to avoid causing any damage or strain.

Scuba Choice Wetsuit Hanger

Though simple, this one-piece hanger from Scuba Choice has been designed to be strong and able to hold both drysuits and wetsuits, so it’s likely to have little trouble supporting your open-water swim kit. 

Made from a bright yellow plastic, there’s very little chance of you losing track of this, so it’ll always on hand when you need it with its straight-forward, no-fuss shape.

Wetsuit Hanger Made With Recycled Wetsuits

This clever wetsuit hanger has been made from recycled FSC wood, with a strap that’s been made from old wetsuits, giving them a new lease of life.

Capable of holding up to eight kilograms of kit, it has a central hanger feature so you can fold your wetsuit from the waist, as well as additional hooked edges that are designed to hold onto your gloves. 

The wood has been treated with water repellent oil to ensure it’ll serve you many uses and because they’re hand-finished each will have individual marks for a nice, unique touch. 


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