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Huub Hooded Neoprene Vest review

Looking to add some extra warmth to your cold-water swims? Editor Helen Webster finds out if this hooded vest from Huub is the answer...

Huub's hooded neoprene vest

We might be coming out of the off-season now, but there’s still plenty of chilly water about for those who want it.

Testing this new hooded neoprene vest from Huub in late March, water temperatures were still in single figures – plus, for those in northern regions or who are targeting a chillier overseas race (for example the swim in Norseman), the need for warmth doesn’t end at the start of the traditional triathlon season.

Huub Hooded Neoprene Vest review

So what’s this, then? Well, this uncoated neoprene vest with integrated hood is designed to be worn a number of ways.

First you can wear it underneath your traditional wetsuit to give an extra layer of warmth, thereby avoiding the need to purchase a warmer, ‘thermal’ wetsuit for colder swims.

Alternatively, you can wear it on its own over your swimsuit or jammers in warmer waters to add warmth.

We tested the vest both ways in our local lake, where water temperatures were around 7°C (so very chilly!).

We know from research that keeping the core warm is key to cold-water swimming, plus it really helps to cover the head to stop heat loss and the neck to protect vulnerable veins and arteries that feel the cold.

By using the vest, we found we could extend our swims in our wetsuit and that putting our head down to do front crawl became much easier.

Without a wetsuit on top we obviously felt chillier, but it stayed in place (others we’ve tested can ride up) and definitely left us feeling warmer; a dip turning into a reasonable swim.

Maybe a niche product, but one we really welcome!

Verdict: We can’t fault the fit and design here – toasty warm and nicely versatile.

Score: 93%

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Helen has been 220's Editor since July 2013, when she made the switch from marathons to multisport. She's usually found open-water swimming and has competed in several swimruns as well as the ÖtillÖ World Series. Helen is a qualified Level 2 Open-Water Swim Coach focusing on open-water confidence and runs regular workshops at the South West Maritime Academy near Bristol. She is also an RLSS UK Open Water Lifeguard trainer/assessor.

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