Bike racing tyres: 4 of the best reviewed

A well-chosen bike race tyre can make you faster and provide more assured handling when training and racing. Chris Hovenden tests four of the best racing tyres

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Vittora Corsa Control

£54.99 (per tyre)


Super material graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and three times more flexible. Vittoria’s Corsa Control tyres claim to utilise four different Graphene compounds to create tyres that are suitable for all conditions. The tyres are equipped with kevlar-reinforced casing for increased sidewall protection, while the graphene-infused rubber – with its chevron tread – is claimed to create a fast, supple and durable tyre.

The first installation requires some patience, and the 25c wide tyres follow the current trend for wider is better/faster. On the road they provide a comfortable and assured ride, and cope well with rough surfaces. While everyone knows tanned sidewalls look better, they don’t stay clean for long.

Verdict: quality all-rounder, but it’s innovation at a price 91%

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Maxxis Padrone TR

£49.99 (per tyre)

As the name suggests, the Padrone Tubeless Ready offers the option of a classic clincher or the increasingly popular tubeless set-up, which will be a bonus for converts. The 25c tyres are supple and straightforward to install – each tyre even comes with a pair of levers. The tyres combine a 170 TPI casing with a carbon fibre bead, and the result is commendable.

The Padrone are Maxxis’ lightest road tubeless road tyres and they excel on technical courses.They feel fairly quick when riding hard on the flat and grippy when we needed it most – when cornering you could almost hear the rubber clinging to the tarmac. But, as you might expect, the impressive grip comes at the cost of long-term durability.

Verdict: Impressive cornering, but durability concerns 84%

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Panaracer Race A EVO3 

£39.99 (per tyre)

Panaracer has over 50 years of experience producing high performance cycling tyres and the Race A Evo3 is its all-rounder offering. The tyres are said to incorporate ZSG dual compounds to provide high grip in all weather conditions, while the fight against punctures is led by Protite Shield technology. Unlike some ‘all-rounder’ tyres, which struggle to maintain performance when seeking to improve durability, the Race A Evo 3 rolled well and had good grip.

The 23mm test-tyres mounted easily to several different wheelsets and, although many riders now opt for wider tyres, there’s no noticeable performance negative. In short, the Evo 3s are unquestionably reliable and versatile tyres.

Verdict A genuine all-rounder at a competitive price 87%

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P Zero Velo TT Clincher

£39.90 (per tyre)

A pair of fast tyres can rejuvenate a tired pair of wheels or they can add that little bit extra to a top-end pair of hoops. Coming from a company known for its work in the motorsport world, expectations are high for the P Zero. And they don’t disappoint. When hammering the pedals looking for straight-line speed, the tyres rolled well with what felt like little rolling resistance. The tyres’ SmartNET Silica compound is said to improve traction when cornering and we felt comfortable trying to maintain momentum through the turns.

The Pirelli P Zero Velo TT are not the most robust or durable tyre, but they don’t profess to be. Rather, they’re designed to be light and fast, and they were.

Verdict: fast and supple race-focussed tyres 81%

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