Best tri aerobars 2014

Six of this year's best tri aerobars tested, rated and reviewed

Enve SES aerobars

We recommend the best tri aerobars we’ve reviewed in the past 12 months…


Triathlon is all about speed and efficiency. And since the bike leg is where you’ll be spending most of your time during the race, we take a look at five of the best aerobars that promise to help you achieve both – without incurring extra backache…

Aerobars enable you to ride in a tuck position, with your head lower, your back flatter and your elbows brought in low below your shoulders. All of which reduces your frontal profile and makes it easier for the air to slide over and around you. And the easier it is for the air to pass, the easier it is for you to ride through it.

Or, to put it another way: aerobars will help you to hold higher speeds for the same effort.

Bontrager Race X Lite clip-on aerobars

Price: £159 from
220’s rating: 87% (full review here)

A high-quality product and impressively light, Bontrager’s new carbon clip-on aerobars impressed our tester in issue 298, thanks to their combination of stiffness, adjustability and comfort. Offering ski-bend extensions with internal cable routing, they tipped our scales at 459g.

Profile Design T4 Plus clip-on aerobars

Price: £169 from
220’s rating: 83% (full review here)

With plenty of length in the extension for reach adjustment, internal cable routing and big armrests that offer width, fore/aft and rotational adjustment, these are almost certain to offer a comfortable fit at a reasonable price, and weight in at 605g.

Profile Design Aeria T2 aerobars

Price: £599 from
220’s rating: 95% (full review here)

Our grouptest in issue 298 awarded these Best in Test, saying there’s “almost nothing not to like”: at 806g they’re among the lightest integrated aerobars available, thanks to the use of carbon throughout (apart from some aluminium clamps), and offer lots of tuneability.

Zipp Vuka Stealth aerobars

Price: £949 from
220’s rating: 85% (full review here)

The bad news is that these are among the heaviest integrated aerobars available at 837g and pretty pricey at nearly a grand – the good news is that they include a full-carbon integrated stem and base bar with carious risers, a dedicated computer mount and a T25 Torx key.

Enve SES aerobars

Price: £1,050 from
220’s rating: 94% (full review here)

Deemed ‘class-leading’ in our recent grouptest (issue 298), these were the lightest integrated aerobars on test (at 782g) and offer so much adjustability thanks in part to extensions that can be mounted above or below the base bar, our reviewer said they result in a cockpit that could only be more tailored if it were custom made.


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