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Van Rysel Long-Distance Triathlon Handlebar Extensions review

They're the cheapest clip-on aerobars around at £39.99, but are they up to the task? Jack Sexty finds out

Van Rysel LD Tri Extensions

In recent years, Decathlon’s in-house bike brand Van Rysel has built a solid reputation for affordable, reliable gear that doesn’t scrimp on performance, and its Long-Distance Triathlon Handlebar Extensions mostly fit that description based off the excellent value they offer.

First things first, you could buy a set of these clip-ons for everyone at your tri club for the same price as Deda’s Elementi Jet One (£849.99), which I also tested, so I was expecting some compromises, yet was pleasantly surprised how few there were.

How we tested

When testing clip-on aerobars, we attach them to our own bikes and take them for multiple rides of varying distances. Our test criteria includes ease of set-up, weight, value for money, adjustability, comfort and how suitable they are for racing various triathlon distances.

Adjustability and set-up

Van Rysel Long Distance Triathlon Extensions
Set-up is pretty straightforward, which is another plus point for these bars (Credit: Jack Sexty)

There is a bit less adjustability than you’d enjoy on higher-end clip-ons, with just the nine bolt holes for adjusting the armrests on each side (still plenty), the contact patch on the armrests are quite small and there’s no option to route shifters through the extensions. None of this will matter if you’re simply after some reliable and sturdy clip-ons, though.

In some respects, you could even argue they’re better than the competition. Weighing just 490g for the pair, these clip-ons are lighter than the Profile Sonic Ergo bars, although the Van Rysel extensions are considerably shorter.

One thing I really like is that the bolts to attach the bracket to your drop bars fit horizontally, rather than up and through like most clip-ons.

While it’s not a dealbreaker, it’s certainly more convenient not having to peer under your bike to screw the bolts on and made for an even more stress-free fitting process.

They fit 31.8mm drop bars out of the box, but you also get inserts to fit them onto older style 26mm bars, so you can be almost certain they will fit your bike.

Riding performance and comfort

Van Rysel Long Distance Triathlon Extensions
The length of the extensions is shorter than you typically get elsewhere, but works well for short races (Credit: Jack Sexty)

On the road, the feel of the S-bend bars in my hands, the comfort offered by the armrests and the position I dialled in were perfectly acceptable for shorter distances.

I can appreciate those with a longer reach might find things claustrophobic, but as my arms are very much on the short side, it didn’t bother me personally.

As previously mentioned, the armrests are pretty small, and even after 30km I found my forearms getting a bit sore either side of the armrests, so I think they’re more suitable for shorter races.

I’m sure some hardy triathletes might find these bars are all they need for an Ironman race, but I’d personally be looking to invest a little more in a clip-on set that offered more fit positions, some risers to play with and more comfortable armrests if I was going long.


All things considered, these bars are excellent value and a great starting point if you want to shave some time off your bike split for as little cash as possible.

If you have a triathlon coming up and are looking to add your first set of tri bars to improve speed and comfort on the bike leg, you can’t go wrong for the price, and there’s not much else out there that can challenge Van Rysel in terms of sheer value for money.

They’re really easy to fit (here’s our guide on how to fit aerobars if you need some help), offer some adjustability and most of us will find the S-bend shape ergonomic and nice to grip onto.

Want more choice? Take a look at our list of the best clip-on aerobars for triathlon.

220 Triathlon verdict

Great value entry-level bars that, despite their name, are best suited to short-course. Score: 83%


  • Incredible value
  • Easy to fit


  • Not as adjustable as many
  • Small armrests won’t suit everyone

Van Rysel Long-Distance Triathlon Handlebar Extensions specs

Extensions material:Aluminium
Compatible with:31.8mm and 26mm diameter handlebar
Armrest foam thickness:5mm
Extension angle:40°
Profile image of Jack Sexty Jack Sexty Editor at road.cc


Former 220 staff writer Jack Sexty is now editor at Road.cc. Jack has raced everything up to Ironman distance, is a sub-2hr Olympic-distance athlete and has represented GB at the ITU World AG Champs on several occasions. He's also a regular kit tester on the pages of 220 and holds two world records for pogo jumping – Longest distance pogo stick jumping in 24 hours and Most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick.