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Vision TriMax Carbon Clip-on S-bend bars review

The Vision TriMax Carbon Clip-ons may see your bank balance take a hit, but do they deliver enough performance to make it worth it?

Vision Trimax Carbon Clip-on S Bend
Credit: Jack Sexty

The TriMax Carbon from Vision is the Italian brand’s flagship clip-on tri bars, available with either S-bend, J-bend or JS-bend extension shapes.

The S-bend version I had in for review weighed in at 493g for both extensions, the brackets, armrests and 55mm of risers on my scales.

As you’d expect at this price point, the specification of the TriMax Carbon is high-end, and there are plenty of options to adjust your set-up.

Ease of setup

Vision Trimax Carbon Clip-on S bend
Credit: Jack Sexty

Fitting is very simple, and Vision makes it as easy as possible with markers on the underside of the extensions to get the correct reach (-9mm all the way up to 99mm of reach is possible).

If you do want to use the extensions on a triathlon bike, they support internal cable routing and older generation Di2 wires.

The ‘open-access’ underside bolts fit into a visible groove on the brackets, which does make things easier than blindly shoving the bolts in until they catch, and the brackets are compatible with all 31.8mm diameter drop bars.

How we tested

When trying to determine the best clip-on aerobars, we ensure each product goes through the same rigorous testing. This includes multiple rides of varying distances with a range of different course types. When testing we view the product through a prism of set review criteria, which includes ease of assembly, value for money, comfort, how easy it is to stay in position and weight.

Comfort and ride feel

The armrests that attach to the brackets are sizeable for a comfortable forearm contact patch. The padding simply sticks on, and there’s 40mm of armrest width adjustment to play with.

On my first voyage with the TriMax Carbon Clip-ons I instantly appreciated the extra stack that comes with the brackets (I went for the full 55mm), as I’m used to having my arms slightly raised and out in front when in an aero tuck.

The upper parts of the extensions are nice and plush, making me feel fully in control and able to stay aero for long periods.

Also, the 55mm stack isn’t extreme enough that I felt I was ever too far from the brakes, something that I’ve found a slight issue on aggressive tri bikes during rusty, early spring rides.

Vision Trimax Carbon Clip-on S bend
Credit: Jack Sexty

While I liked the feeling and diameter of the S-bend extensions, I’d personally prefer the J-bend shape, as it’s what I’m more used to.

Of course, you can pick which shape extensions you have, so experiment with a couple of different styles before buying if possible.

The armrests are deep, wide and come with plush padding, ideal for longer races.

Unless you really like your forearms fully cradled, as we’re now seeing on super premium extensions such as Deda’s Jet One, they should do the job for any triathlon distance.

The bottom line

Overall, I think the TriMax system set in its premium guise with carbon extensions is perhaps overkill for most of us who are just after clip-ons for our road bike.

If, for example, you’re already racing and thinking about building up a triathlon bike to upgrade in the future, they could be well worth the investment, because you can use the extensions on your tri bike and switch them back to your road bike for training or specific races.

It’s common to see the TriMax Clip-ons being sold for less than the RRP, which would make them an even more tempting investment, or you could go for the set with alloy extensions that are considerably cheaper.

Want more choice? Take a look at our list of the best clip-on aerobars for more reviews.

220 Triathlon verdict

Quality, highly ergonomic, premium clip-ons with a premium price tag. Score: 81%


  • Simple to set up
  • Comfortable over a range of distances


  • More expensive than some competitors
  • May be overkill for some people

Vision TriMax Carbon Clip-on S-bend bars specs

Available from:Vision
Extensions length:360mm
Extensions angle:Not specified
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