7 pieces of kit to make you more aerodynamic on the bike

Want to be more aero on the bike? Here are 7 pieces of kit designed to make you more aerodynamic

7 pieces of kit that will help you maximise aero gains. Credit: José Luis Hourcade

Starting with aerobars, deep-rimmed wheels and aero helmets, you can reduce you and your bike’s drag by a significant amount. That said, training correctly and optimising your position are still a priority, but combine these with some aero kit and you’ll be blasting out of T1 like a rocket.


1. Aerobars

Aerobars are a good call for all triathletes and every event, bar the hilliest and most technical courses. They allow you to get tucked up and low – saving you time and energy. If the bike leg is flat, opt for bar-end shifters and low-profile brakes.

Time saving over 40km: 5:30-6mins

 2. Tri-suit 

The next thing to think about is what you’ll be wearing – basically, you want something that’s skintight and that won’t be flapping around loose and catching the wind.

Time saving over 40km: Up to 2mins

3. Aero helmet

Once you’ve got your clothing sorted, it’s time to start using your head or, more accurately, putting something on your head to smooth out the airflow around it. A streamlined aero helmet might make you look like something out of Alien but it’ll turn your bonce into a bullet, aerodynamically speaking.

Time saving over 40km: 1:30mins

4. Drinks bottle

Refuelling is your next priority, and a drinking system mounted on your bars, so you won’t need to come out of your tuck to take a drink, should be on your tick list.

Time saving over 40km: 30secs

5. Wheels

Your front wheel is the first thing that hits the air, so you want something that’ll cut through it like a hot knife through butter. A deep-section rim and as few (preferably profiled) spokes as possible will turn your wheel into
a spinning blade. The same goes for the back wheel, but you need to be cracking 30mph before you get the benefit of a disc, so save your money until you’re good enough to get sponsored!

Time saving over 40km: 1:30mins

6. Aero forks

An aero fork will pass through the air more easily than a conventional round-tubed model and help make the most of any front wheel upgrades.

Time saving over 40km: 30secs


A razor to shave your legs! The aero advantage will be next to nothing but hair-free legs make a psychological statement of intent and will make massages more comfortable. Plus, it’s easier to treat any cuts/grazes if you’re hair-free.

Time saving over 40km: N/A