Treadmill session: middle-distance

Ideal for learning to pace the first few km


This treadmill session for middle-distance triathletes helps you learn how to pace and ‘feel’ the first few kilometres of the run. Plus, you can practise feeding on the fly.


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Start as soon as possible after dismounting from your bike. Hop on the treadmill, start jogging to get up to speed. Don’t hit race pace yet – leave it below target speed.

Main set

Move up to just below your normal, average, middle-distance race speed, to hit around 82-85% HRmax. Watch your form, keep running for at least 8km. Aim to drink from a bottle or gulp a gel at 3km and 6km.


Back off the speed and jog for 2-3km at a relaxed pace. Stretching and/or self massage – again it’s a hard run, so compression tights on.


Look to increase the distance of the bike and extend the treadmill run. For example, 45km and 8km becomes 70km and 14km.


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