Treadmill session: sprint-distance

Perfect for increasing your run form


This treadmill session is designed for sprint-distance triathletes.

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You learn to keep your form despite signs of internal stress and muscle fatigue.


Start with an easy 8-13mins to loosen run muscles. Walk, up the speed, jog… Near the end you want to be running relaxed and at less than 80% HRmax.

Build set

Set the treadmill to around your 10km race speed, hop on and run a 1min effort. Step off for 30secs and repeat 4-6 times.

Main set

Set speed close to race pace and run 4mins; increase the pace and run 4mins; up the pace above race pace for the final 4mins.

No recovery between these efforts and heart rate, moving from around 85 to 90% HRmax across the 12mins. Watch your form.


Do some light jogging (or jump on the bike instead), easy stretching and/or self massage – and don your compression tights if you have a pair.


As the ability to control heart rate and your form improves, increase speed slightly. For example, 7, 8 and 9mph becomes 7.4, 8.5 and 9.6mph. This should be timed as you exit winter and move into sprint pre-competition training (February through April).

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What’s your favourite sprint distance treadmill session? Let us know in the comments!