Six questions to ask before going ultra-long

Are you thinking of entering an ultra endurance race? Ask yourself these questions first…

Six questions to ask yourself before going ultra-long

Are you a seasoned endurance athlete who wants to take things one step further and enter an ultra-long race? We’ve asked Double Brutal veteran Luke Tyburski to help you decide if you’re ready…


What are my reasons for wanting to do an ultra endurance triathlon?

If you want to show off, take up juggling! When racing for days on end you need a bigger motivating reason than yourself!

Do I have the time to train and prepare?

Racing ultra long needs you to complete several hours of training a day, several times a week; is this a dream or possibility? I have a few tricks to help which I’ll share in my talk…

Am I happy to sacrifice a social life?

When your IM cycling buddies turn left to go home, will you be happy to turn right for a few more hours of pain alone???

Do I have the right support in my everyday life to help me through tough times?

Do people you spend time with daily understand what you are doing, or have a blank glazed look across their face when you mention running a marathon as training???

Am I ready to stop slurping on gels, and start eating actual food when racing?

Stop listening to marketers of traditional sports nutrition companies, and start paying attention to your own body by eating real food!

Can I shelve my ego for EVERY training session, and during ALL my races?

Being the fastest up a climb, or keeping up with someone passing you needs to be a thing of the past. Your pace is your pace, stick to it!