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Supertri announces dates and locations for 2024 league

There's some exciting triathlon racing on its way later this year from supertri (formerly Super League Triathlon), but it'll be a little different to what we're used to...

NEOM, SAUDI ARABIA – OCTOBER 21: Taylor Spivey of The United States and Jeanne Lehair of Luxembourg leave the water during the Women’s Super League Triathlon during the NEOM Beach Games 2023 on October 21, 2023 in Neom, Saudi Arabia. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images for NEOM Beach Games 2023)

Supertri – formerly Super League Triathlon – has today announced the calendar for it’s 2024 league series, with some big changes compared to last year.

Aside from the name, one of the biggest changes is the inclusion of two new events as part of the five-race calendar.

American dream

These new events see an expansion of the brand’s operations in North America, with both taking place in the States.

A new supertri Boston event will open up the racing on 18 August just weeks after the Olympics, and will form part of the weekend of racing that currently exists in the form of Boston Triathlon.

Just one week later the crop of top talent will travel to Chicago for the next supertri leg (25 August), which will be attached to the Chicago Triathlon, an event that’s already owned and operated by supertri.

With over 8,500 athletes and thousands of spectators expected over the weekend, the event looks set to come with a great atmosphere.

There’s no return to Malibu in 2024, though. Instead, the next stop of the supertri League will take athletes to London on 8 September, a location that’s been a mainstay of the series for three years already.

 For its fourth leg, supertri will return to Toulouse, France, in early October, before heading to NEOM in Saudi Arabia once again for the final at the start of November.

A change in format

It’s all change in terms of format, too. Gone are the multiple different race formats, such as the Triple Mix and Eliminator.

Instead, all of the racing will take place in the old Enduro format, where athletes will complete three continuous rounds of all-out racing in the traditional swim-bike-run order.

Interestingly, much of this racing will take place on roughly one-mile stadium-like courses, keeping things tighter than ever so it’s easier for spectators to watch the action on the ground.

As for who’ll be competing, stay tuned, as we expect to hear within the next few weeks.

Speaking of the changes, supertri CEO and Co-Founder Michael D’hulst said: “Supertri has set the benchmark for triathlon and turned the passion of our founders of creating a true spectator sport into a reality.

“Our vision is to ‘Inspire The Competitor In Everyone’, and nobody does this better than the amazing professional athletes that will come into supertri off the back of the Olympics and be ready to go full gas from the start.”

Full supertri League race calendar and dates

  • 18 August: Supertri Boston
  • 25 August: Supertri Chicago
  • 8 September: Supertri London
  • 6 October: Supertri Toulouse
  • 3 November: Supertri NEOM

What happened in last year’s competition?

The 2023 supertri season saw Britain’s Kate Waugh and Frenchman Leo Bergere take the championship titles.

Top image credit: Joern Pollex/Getty Images

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