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Best kickboards for swim training

Get more from your pool sessions by adding a kickboard to your kit bag. Here are five of the best we've found to buy online now.

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You may not have used a kickboard in swim training since you were at school – but if not, you could be missing out on some powerful drills that can really help you improve your body position and control and the power and efficiency of your kick.


To find out more about why using a kick board in training is a good idea, see how it can improve your swim technique according to swim coach Andrew Sheaff.

In the meantime, below we share five of the best deals on kick boards we’ve found to buy online.

Zoggs Kickboard

You’ll see Zoggs kit for sale in many pools, which speaks volumes about their heritage in the pool swimming market.

We like this kickboard as a solid buy for those new to using one. Made from buoyant yet sturdy EVA, this board allows plenty of flotation but shouldn’t bend or flex as you swim.

The curved shape is streamlined and designed to reduce drag through the water, while the two cut-outs at the top allow different grip points for your hands.

Either hold it by the edge of the board, by the two cut-outs, or by the short end in front of you depending on the drill you wish to achieve and also your level of ability.

Maru Two Grip Fitness Kickboard

If you like a bit of colour in your kit bag (or just like to be able to distinguish your kit on the side in a busy lane swimming sessions), then this zingy board is the one for you.

It’s currently available on Amazon in three options, the marble seen here as well as a fluro green or pink.

It comes equipped with two grip holes to allow multiple training options and hand positions, while Maru said the foam used in its construction is both durable and anti-chafing.

A matching pull buoy is also available.

Nolabel 2-in-1 Pull Kick Board

Nolabel is an actual brand, so we haven’t made a mistake in the title here!

This is a pretty nifty option too, as thanks to the unusual grooved shape this board can be held out in front of you for kick drills or placed between the legs like a pull buoy for arm technique and body position drills, too.

Great if you are on a budget, or don’t want to carry loads of different swim tools around with you!

Huub Kickboard

The Huub Kickboard has been in our editor’s swim kit bag since in launched a few years ago – and a faithful friend it has been, too.

The board has 42 Newtons of buoyancy which means it feels very buoyant and sturdy, with zero flex.

The streamlined shape cuts through the water with minimal drag, while the sculptural design emulates the tri-bar position as your arms sit in the two grooves on the board. A nice touch for triathletes and very comfortable, too.

Finis Alignment Kick Board

Our final choice in this round-up looks a little different. Smaller and triangle-shaped with a central strap to put one or both hands in, the Finis Alignment Kick Board is a good choice for triathletes completing swim sets with various drills due to the versatility it offers.

As well as placing it in front of you to do a traditional kick drill, you can also use it with one hand while performing single arm drills.


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