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Best swimming ear plugs to buy in 2023

Keep your focus on the water and the dreaded swimmer's ear at bay with our pick of the best swimming ear plugs

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A reliable pair of swimming ear plugs will not only help you focus during your training by blocking out any unwanted noise, but they will also help keep the water out of your ears.


As well as making your swim more comfortable, this can help prevent long term problems like swimmer’s ear, a bacterial infection caused by water becoming stuck in the ear canal.

So whether you’re looking for a brightly coloured pair that you can keep track of in the water or a particularly snug fit to keep the distractions and water completely out, look no further than our pick of the best swimming ear plugs below.

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Best swimming ear plugs to buy in 2023

Speedo Unisex Swimming Training Ergo Ear Plugs

Named after their ergonomic design, these Speedo plugs aim to provide a secure yet comfortable fit and are made from soft TPR material. The long stem should help to avoid any movement and the plug design is said to fit the outer part of the ear seamlessly.

Speedo says the special design should minimise any leakage and that they’re easy to install and remove from your ears. These plugs also come with a storage box so you can keep them safe between swims with no concerns of losing them once you’re out of the water.

Zoggs Aqua Ear Plugs

These hypo-allergenic moulded silicone ear plugs from Zoggs aim to provide a secure and comfortable fit, while the materials used should avoid any adverse reactions if you have sensitive skin or ears. Claiming to be ‘highly effective at blocking out water’, the ergonomic shape of these Zoggs plugs should make them snug and easy to use.

These ear plugs are reusable, but bear in mind it’s advised you clean them in cold water after each use, before storing them in the carry case which comes included.

Decathlon Nabaiji Swimming Ear Plugs

Available in three sizes so you can find the best fit for you, these ear plugs from Nabaiji aim to limit water ingress to protect your auditory canals from being submerged. To make sure you don’t lose them they also come with a removable cord and shark system, which will keep them hanging around your neck so all is not lost if one does fall out.

Or, if you’re after a more malleable ear plug option from Decathlon, check out these thermoplastic swimming ear plugs, also from Nabaiji.

Hearprotek Swimmer Ear Plugs

Designed to block water from entering your ear while still allowing you to pick up on the sounds around you, these ear plugs from Hearprotek are a versatile plug that can be used anywhere your heads dips under water. 

Their double flange design is what’s supposed to keep the water out, while the soft silicone construction is said to ensure they sit comfortably in your ear, with a contoured shape to prevent any seepage. 

Available in three sizes so you can make sure you find the best fit, they’re also deliberately brightly coloured so you can spot them in the water if one does somehow come loose.

Speedo BioFUSE Aquatic Earplug

These svelte, slim-look ear plugs from Speedo come with their own carry case and have a multiple-flange design along the stem, which should ensure a secure and water-tight fit.

Watersafe+ ear plugs

Fitted with their patented Safe & Sound filter technology, these ear plugs are made to provide medium insulation and protection from water while maintaining a level of ventilation. This is due to the soft material, which the brand claims adapts to the shape of the ear without pressing into it.

FINIS Ear Plugs

Made from 100% silicone for a secure and comfortable seal against water, the FINIS ear plug boasts a specialised shape that’s said to stop water from entering your ear without the plug itself going in too far and causing any discomfort or damage. Available in a universal size that is said to fit most ears, this set comes with a carrying case included.

Nike Training Aids Ear Plugs


This slick-looking pair of ear plugs are made from soft rubber, which should mould to the ear. They have a double-flange design, which aims to provide a faultless water-tight seal when in use.