Review: Mizuno Hitogami run shoes

We didn’t see this coming – superbly responsive lightweight shoe

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Mizuno Hitogami running shoes

In a vibrant (nay, garish) sea of run shoes, the understated Hitogami is a pleasant surprise. But not as revelatory as the ride, which is among the finest we’ve tested so far this year.


Drawing from the cliché library, this shoe works with your foot and not against it, flexing in the upper and sole for a smooth landing to toe-off.

The upper’s very similar to the Adidas Boost, as is the ride, a simple mesh affair with welded overlays that makes it comfortable to run barefoot.

But it’s the sole construction that elicits such rewarding feedback, you’re happy to keep on running Hitogami-style, at whatever speed you see fit.  

It’s a 9mm drop from heel to toe, pretty hefty for a racer, but that’s not reflected in its weight, which comes in at 239g. By far the best Mizuno shoe we’ve ever tested.

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