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Best period pants to wear for sports

Don't let menstruation slow you down. Browse our list of the best period pants for a more enjoyable and comfortable running experience while on your period

Best period pants for sports

We’re faced with many frustrations while running, cycling and swimming – chafing, blisters and recurring injuries to name a few – but for many of us, our period is another thing to consider when exercising. Luckily, period pants are on hand so you can work out in comfort, whatever the time of month. 


Period pants are specially designed to provide extra support while you’re on your period, by absorbing your flow and preventing leakages. They’re of course a handy piece of sports kit to have when you’re exercising as sanitary products and flimsy underwear can often cause irritation, which can affect your athletic performance.

Depending on the heaviness of your flow, you can wear period pants with or without the addition of pads, cups and tampons, so they’re also a great way to cut down on single-use sanitary products.

We’ve rounded up six of the best period pants for sports to buy – including designs with leak-proof, moisture-wicking and waterproof qualities – so you can find a pair to suit your sporting needs.

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Best periods pants for sports in 2022

Innersy period pants 

Featuring a leakproof inner lining, these period pants are an affordable choice with a straightforward design. They also feature wide back coverage, which should further ensure no unwanted leakages occur when you’re moving freely.

On days when your flow is lighter, these pants are designed to be worn on their own. However, Innersy recommend  doubling up and wearing them along with any pads, tampons or cups on heavier days for that extra security.

The stretchy material is made up of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and is designed to keep the period pants securely in place so you can crack on with your run with peace of mind.

Knix Leakproof Boyshorts

Period pants for sports don’t have to be plain black in colour – for a funky design, Knix is a great brand to explore.

These period pants claim to absorb up to three teaspoons of liquid, so are best suited to wearing alone on your lighter days, and as an extra precaution when your flow is on the heavier side.

Make sure to explore the whole range as there are loads of unique colours and patterns to choose from.

We were taken with this fun marble design, and there’s also a matching bra available if you want to create your own set.

WUKA swim bikini brief

WUKA’s swim bikini briefs are designed to be worn in the water, so you can enjoy all of your favourite water sports – whether it’s a training session in the pool or a morning wild swimming – when you’re on your period.

This design, WUKA says, is best suited to lighter flows, and it’s claimed the pants can hold two small tampons’ worth of flow and are thin enough to wear under your swimming costume.

They’re available in 10 different sizes so you should be able to find an exact fit for a more relaxing swim.

The brand also offers a period sports shorts design, which could be ideal for long-distance running and gym sessions.

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Thinx For All period pants 

Designed for a heavy flow, these period pants should be able to hold five tampons/two and a half pads/a menstrual cup and a half’s worth of flow. We like the subtlety of their design and reckon they’d be a good fit if you’re after a pair of period pants that look just like ordinary pants.

They also offer an odour-controlling design, so you can enjoy a fresher feeling throughout the day.

In an effort to help reduce single-use period products, Thinx say these period pants can be worn as a replacement to tampons and other sanitary products rather than as an addition.

Choose between black, red or grey. There are also loads of sizes to select from to help you find a snug and comfortable fit.

Modibodi Active Brief

Designed for light to medium period days, Modibodi’s active briefs are made with moisture-wicking merino wool, so they should keep you cool as well as providing extra security while on your period.

Their cooling nature aims to tackle sweat patches – a welcomed feature, particularly if you tend to feel self-conscious about wearing certain colours of gym leggings and shorts.

The positive reviews alone suggest they’d be a worthwhile addition to your gym bag for those lighter flow days.

Fluxies Classic Boyshort

Fluxies claim that their period pants will leave you leak-free for up to 12 hours, so they could be a solid option if you’re cycling all day or on a long-distance run.

Offering a full-coverage fit and an elastic waistband, these pants are said to be made with a quick-drying and lightweight material.

What’s even better, they’re designed to be chucked in the washing machine after a day of wear, making them a sustainable alternative to pads and tampons.


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